Dr.Charles Y. Liu


Dr.Charles Y. Liu

Chairperson, Neurosurgery Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center

Dr. Liu is the Chair of Neurosurgery at Rancho Los Amigos. Dr. Liu’s principal research interests go beyond neurological rehabilitation and neurological restoration, to reconstructive neurological surgery. Specifically, this involves elucidating strategies to restore functions to the nervous system after injury due to trauma, stroke or neurodegenerative disease. These strategies include surgical, technological (i.e advanced neuroprostheses, robotics), as well as biological (i.e. stem cell transplantation). His efforts involve active collaborations with researchers at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, the California Institute of Technology, the Applied Physics Laboratory of John Hopkins University, and other major academic centers throughout the world. Dr. Liu is a graduate of Yale Medical School, has an engineering PhD from Rice University, and holds formal academic appointments at USC/Keck School of Medicine and Caltech.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
International Pediatric Neuro Rehabilitation Conference 2 Days December 1, 2015