Dipl.-Psych. Gordon Wingert


Dipl.-Psych. Gordon Wingert

Chairman, Association for the Advancement of Over-Active Children, Marburg, Germany

Mr. Dipl.-Psych. Gordon Wingert is chairman of the Association for the Advancement for Overactive Children. Furthermore he is author and co-author of 9 books and several articles dealing with trainings and everyday help for parents and professionals working with children suffering from ADHD.


He has extensive knowledge in the school-field, being a school-psychologist since more than 12 years and having taught at a vocational school for 10 years.


Since 15 years his main area of expertise is staging attention and behavior trainings in a group setting with ADHD children (the Marburg Attention, MAT, and the Marburg Behavior Training, MBT). Both of which focus on bettering the child’s performance in school.


Since more than a decade he coaches professionals in the application of both programs. Under his supervision and in cooperation with his colleagues 500 – 700 therapists, teachers and psychologists are being trained each year, making both programs standard repertoire in many German, Austrian and Swiss centres working with ADHD clients.


Just recently he developed two workshops in order to make both trainings applicable in Saudi Arabia.