Woo Geik Keow, R.N.


Woo Geik Keow, R.N.

Pain Nurse Specialist 1 Nursing Department, Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City.

Ms. Woo Geik Keow started her clinical practice as a State Registered Nurse in 1999 and her specialty is in pain management where she obtained her trainings scholarship both in Malaysia and Singapore. Among others, she surpass with distinction in her Bachelor of Nursing Science.


Ms. Woo has 11 years of clinical experiences in pain management, for which she practiced in an acute tertiary hospital as well as a rehabilitation facility. In 2004, she started up and in formalizing the pain management practice in one of the largest private hospitals in Malaysia and acted as the Charge-nurse in pain management.


In 2012, she initiated and implemented Acute Pain Service at her current organization. With 16 years of nursing experiences, currently Ms. Woo works as a Pain Nurse Specialist in KSA. She is actively involved as a pain educator, provides acute pain services, pain clinical trial, chronic pain services as well as proficient in managing spasticity patients

With Intrathecal Drug Delivery System.