Message from the CEO and Chairperson

Message from the CEO and Chairperson

Neurologic disability among children is one of the most devastating circumstances among parents. Their hopes and dreams for their child seems to be shattered by a reality that life is far from normal.  The fact that their child has special needs makes them different from others and it is a heart breaking experience to see these people lose their hope and suffer.
Pediatric Neuro Rehabilitation is one of the major avenues that provide high hopes for these parents.  It may not be totally relieving the child disabilities but with the recent advancement in medical sciences, it may help them to achieve their potential level of functioning.
In order to help these families and the community in assisting children with disabilities, Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City Rehabilitation Hospital, the oasis of hope , proudly announces “The International Pediatric Neuro Rehabilitation Conference: From Challenges to New Horizons ”.
To further fulfill the City’s commitment to be the leading center of excellence in rehabilitation, and with our continuous dedication and efforts in fulfilling our mission to provide high quality of care and services to our dear patients and the community; we have decided to intensify our efforts in bringing the leading evidence-based knowledge and latest research findings  in the field of pediatric neuro rehabilitation to the public, by organizing an advanced multi-disciplinary international conference that links child’s neurologic disabilities to medical and surgical interventions and rehabilitation services in order to offer a holistic approach to the patients’ needs and bring about hope to their lives.
The conference is going to be a great venue for the Physicians and allied health care professionals to review and discuss latest trends and research findings in the field of Pediatric Neuro Rehabilitation. The City and the organizers are eager to ensure that the conference cover and tackle the following:

  • Basic and advanced clinical and scientific issues to be delivered by international prominent speakers, along with ‘up and coming’ clinicians, therapists and scientists who will lead our specialty into the future.
  • Emphasis on long-term consequences of Neurologic disabilities, and putting evidence into practice, with hands-on workshops, free-paper sessions and poster presentations.

I take this opportunity to welcome all participants and express my gratitude to every individual, the committees and its members who have actively contributed for months in making this event possible, as well as to our international partner, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (USA). We are also very grateful to our sponsors and to you, its participants, who will ultimately make it a success.
To all, I sincerely extend my appreciation and would like to thank you for all your efforts in helping us with our efforts in creating hope and touching the lives of our patients and their families.
I encourage all attendees to take this opportunity to meet and interact with the experts in healthcare services from around the globe and to actively participate during the sessions, panel discussions and workshops to enhance their knowledge and acquire new skills to help them improve the services they offer to the community.
We look forward to welcome you into this exciting event and in making your participation in the 2015 International Pediatric Neuro Rehabilitation conference a memorable and a successful one.

Abdullah Hamad Bin Zarah
Chief Executive Officer
Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City

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